Friday, 2 February 2018

Rest Is History

What I want to say is that I love you,
I'm here to stay, and yes love, that I really do.
I will speak just what you like to hear,
Because I love you and my thoughts are pretty clear.
I will adore you until I'm dead,
I'll neither let you cry nor I'll let you be sad.
I'll love you like no one did and no one can,
I'll be the person you want, perhaps, your dream man.
Endless is my love for you,
God will bless us and we'll be through.
I'll make your wishes come true,
I'll live for you, for just you I'll die,
I'll live to love you no matter what comes by.
You're life to me, not just a mere desire,
Oh wait I forgot to tell that I'm a certified liar!

All that I said wasn't real, it was untrue,
My love, my will and my approach wasn't either true,
Yes it's sad but it's true that I don't love you
And with that I'm moving away,
So remote that you won't be having a clue.
And I know you'll miss me till the sky is blue,
But that too ain't true, don't you know that sky ain't blue?
OK! I lend a clue, I do love someone but it's not you.
You're the one I love to stay away from,
You're not the one to whom I belong.
Why so angry? It's my fundamental right to choose!
And I choose some but not a lot of you,
You'll never cross my mind, wait, I actually have never ever thought of you.

There are many colours of "I" but the best is mystery,
"That's how a love was lost and the rest is history."

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