Sunday, 4 February 2018

Actual Sin

Where do I go now?
I'm stuck in this world.
No rhyme does suit me now,
No time does soothe me now.
I'm well deep down in this dirty well,
Where I remain unwell but that I can't tell,
You shouted like I owe you something,
I'm angry too and more than you, but I can't yell.

Where's the cozy weather?
Where's the path we walked together?
It's there, right there where it was,
Roads do stay, it's just people who get lost.
It's not me, it's not you and it's always just "us" in the race,
No one faster, no one slower, it has to be a mutual pace.
No conditions, no excuses, I walked too with an open shoelace.
I didn't excuse to stop and tie, never asked what's there to chase.

But now terms are replaced!

Subjected to the ordeal, like a criminal trial that I face.
Lost so much in this brutal world that I can't go back to home,
This place is unknown and I've forgotten the name of my place,
It's not whom to tell but what to tell when I don't know my origin?
It may be from my vision to my religion, I really don't know my actual sin.

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